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I have 3 children currently in orthodontic care at Dr. Kehoe’s office. Dr Kehoe and the staff are caring and friendly. I love the convenience and flexibility they offer. We transferred here from another practice and are so much happier now!     - Jenny Cashen


Dr. Kehoe and his staff are the best! They made me feel comfortable during each step of my orthodontic experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Kehoe to anyone interested in improving their smile. Everyone from the office staff to the orthodontic assistants are courteous and friendly. They go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable each and every way. Thank you! - J. Lillie


Dr. Kehoe and all his staff are wonderful! As an adult going through orthodontic treatment, it was important for me to feel comfortable and have all my questions answered. Dr. Kehoe goes above and beyond and I could not be happier with the outcome! I highly recommend Kehoe orthodontics! - Kim Van Dam


Dr. Kehoe’s office is extremely efficient.  They are always on time for appointments.  I have three children and Dr. Kehoe and his staff has done an excellent job on my children’s teeth.  I would and do recommend Dr. Kehoe to all of my friends. - Sue Bassett


Dr. Kehoe and his staff wrote up a plan for my son’s orthodontic treatment that was very detailed and easy to understand.  He and his staff always make sure that we know exactly where we are in terms of treatment and they answer any questions that I have regarding my son’s orthodontic treatment.  The office is conveniently located right in downtown Romeo and on some occasions I have taken my son out of school for a lunchtime appointment and had him back to school in 20 minutes!  Dr. Kehoe is always on schedule and we have never had to wait.  Dr. Kehoe and his staff are always upbeat and friendly when we go in for our appointments.  They seem to be genuinely interested in our well-being.  I would highly recommend Dr. Kehoe to anyone who is looking for a great orthodontist! - D.R.-Romeo


Thank you so much Dr. Kehoe and all your wonderful staff. I am on cloud nine with my new smile. I never have to be self-conscious about my teeth again! You do so much for kids self-esteem, I wonder if they realize! You were all great! - Mary N.


We have been going to Dr. Kehoe for almost 3 years. My children, 11 and 12, enjoy going there. Dr Kehoe and all the staff are super nice and they take their time to answer any questions that I have had. We have had two emergency visits during the last two years. The first time they were able to fit my daughter right in after her accident in the pool. The second time, Dr Kehoe met me at the office, even though it was 9 p.m., after my sons accident on the trampoline, to make sure that everything was okay. In both instances, I was told they were lucky to have the braces or they would have lost teeth. I would recommend Dr. Kehoe and staff to anyone that needs braces. ~ Loralee Pillsbury (and family)


Thank you so much for my smile! In 2007 my braces came off and I haven’t stopped receiving compliments since. I had so much more confidence going into college after the work you all did. Last week I graduated nursing school. ~ Kristen K.

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